Thursday, October 6, 2011

Remember "The Cult of Mac"?...Steve Jobs, the real deal!

I doubt we will ever see candles, roses, or photos laid out in front of a Verizon store, however if you pass by an Apple store be sure to pay your respects to a great visionary and leader, and to a person who basically had a hand in changing the way you live your life forever.

Yesterday we lost what many are calling a great visionary and creative business man in Steve Jobs.

As you read the articles about Jobs and what he accomplished in such a short time period one can’t help but feel like his life was cut short.

An excellent article titled “Where is Steve Jobs among the Greatest” by Rick Newman asks a very interesting question. How great was he? How does he compare to Henry Ford, or Thomas Edison?

Remember the book “The Cult of Mac"?… People who had a Mac were how do you say “different”, they were not PC fans at all however they did “put up with them"

Now spring forward 15 years and everything is different. People love their Apple products and really can’t live without them. This is what Rick Newman states is what makes Jobs great. It was the way he did business, being able to make people not only love the product, but also the business owner.

Marketplace Money also does an excellent piece on Jobs and our economy throughout their show with a great sound bite of Jobs speaking 6 years ago about living everyday as if you were going to die, and making choices based on that philosophy. (Fast forward to minute 25:00 to hear the sound bite)

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